Time Tools @ Jaspers

I’m just about to facilitate a 90 minute session for people who want to have a great relationship with time. We’re going to look at the nature of time, how we relate to it and also identify some of the key challenges.

This workshop is a pilot for The Linchpin Sessions. My aims for this session are for the participants to:

  • Become more aware of the nature of time.
  • Relate to time with more clarity and sovereignty
  • Get some simple tools to help them to work more effectively with time.

Its a topic that is a personal area of passion for me. I’ve been using a self-designed system since July 2009. Soon after I started I wrote this post about my own personal relationship with time.

The Single Key Factor in creating lasting change is accountability. One of the tasks in the workshop was to design a ‘perfect week’. To complete the task review your ‘actual week’ and see how they compare.

Q1. Were they close or were they very different?

Q2. What were your 3 key ‘time highlights’ in the week?

Q3. What were your 3 key ‘time challenges’ in the week?

Q4. What is the single key change you would like to make moving forward?

I’d love you to post your answers as a comment below!



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