News from Dunstan

Dear Friends,

Its an exciting time for me.
New plans are afoot.
Awakening my deeper passion…

… and I’d like your help
… more about that later
… first my news.

I’m running a one day retreat on Sunday 26th September at the Bondi Pavillion.
Its called The Voice of The Work and I’m co-facilitating the event with my wonderful friend Ganga.

We want to help people to live sweeter lives with more compassion for themselves and others.\

Do you know anyone who would like to…

…challenge limiting beliefs?
…release blockages?
…explore their inner world?
…let their voice out?

We are going to sing.
Its going to be a lot of fun.

There are more details here – take a look!

So now for my big ask…

I’d love you to do the following:

1. email me back – whether you love it or not – brief is fine.
2. forward this email to someone who needs to read it and tell them why
3. join the mailing list if you feel you should – click
4. that’s it… nothing else.

> Your friends are sooo welcome!

> And of course I’d love you to come if it feels right to you!

> Heck if you are feeling super-kind-hearted you might even like to gift a ticket to someone who deserves it…

Thanks for taking time to hear my words.

Love and Light to You and Yours,


PS I’m sharing this offering with you to make life sweeter – mine and hopefully yours too!

…I’ve worked through a lot of limiting beliefs to get this far.
…no doubt there are plenty more blockages for me to work through.
…plenty more ‘inner world’ for me to explore.
…and my voice is bursting to get out and be heard!

If you have known me since I discovered The Work you may have noticed me changing.
I feel like I am more myself. I like it!

By reading thisĀ  you are a part or my journey. That is special to me!

Dunstan Bertschinger
Lover of What Is

0401 754 901

follow me on twitter


2 responses to “News from Dunstan

  1. Can you advise me of the date of the one day workshop at the Bondi pavillion for $129 as an early bird price.

    • Dunstan Bertschinger

      Hi Susan,

      Thanks for posting your question.

      The Voice of The Work course will be on Sunday 26th September from 10:30 to 4:30. Please click here for full details and booking.

      Warm Regards,


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