Step 1: BEFORE your first step…

The story of Change

Step 1: You notice that you are standing in a muddy field and your feet are soggy. You stand and take it in for a while…
Step 2: You see the snowy mountain peaks and imagine yourself up there admiring at the view and decide you would like to try for it.
Step 3: You plan your first steps towards the foothills – perhaps involving wellington boots or stilts to keep your feet dry…
Step 4: With the mountain in the back of your mind you focus 100% on the immediate steps at hand. You move into action.
Step 5: In a week you stop and check out where you have got to!
… hmmmmm it seems that perhaps there might be 5 steps 😉


a) Skipping step 1 – Your eyes see the icy peak so you start kitting up with crampons & ice axe. Not a good look for getting out of a muddy field 😉
b) Getting stuck in step 2 where you dream and wish but don’t take action…

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